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Our Plan

Task Income Plan
NOTE:- (200 points=Rs 1)

Level Points/Tasks Points/Day ₹/Day Points/Month ₹/Month
Self 135 1215 6.07 36450 182.25
1 35*N 315*N 1.58*N 9450*N 47.25*N
2 15*N 135*N 0.68*N 4050*N 20.25*N
3 5*N 45*N 0.22*N 1350*N 6.75*N
4 1*N 9*N 0.04*N 270*N 1.35*N
5 1*N 9*N 0.04*N 270*N 1.35*N
6 1*N 9*N 0.04*N 270*N 1.35*N
7 1*N 9*N 0.04*N 270*N 1.35*N

Note : - N = Team Member

Joining Bonus

Level Amount
1 12 ₹
2 3 ₹
3 1 ₹
4 1 ₹
5 1 ₹
6 1 ₹
7 1 ₹

Joining Rewards

Direct Members Rewards
50 Feature Phone (worth ₹1500)
100 Smart Phone (worth ₹5000)
500 Tablet (worth ₹10000)
1000 Notebook (worth ₹15000)
5000 L.E.D TV (worth ₹30000)
10000 Bike (worth ₹60000)
50000 Car (worth ₹500000)

Terms & Conditions

1) gPaisa Online is collecting your KYC & Bank Details(for your member id & bank details verification which is mandatory to work with gPaisa Online). Company will be not disclose any kind of data of any members in any form over internet & other media. Company will be sole responsible for disclosure of any kind of Members Data as per Company Membership Non-Disclosure Agreement.

2) The payment transferred by gPaisa Online to members account is for their task/work done only. Member will be not use this money in any kind of illegal activity. If they use this money in any kind of illegal activity the members will be sole responsible for any legal disputes with legal authorities, company will not responsible for such member's illegal activities with legal authorities.

3) This is a paid plan with membership fee Rs.199/-. Haldwani Services-Earn Money members can join here by deducting their wallet money Rs.199/-. gPaisa new members can join this paid plan by transferring amount of Rs.199/- to company bank account.

4) The Members who will not do their task for 3 continuous day their membership will be deactivated by company. Membership Activation Request charge will be Rs. 20/- only for activation of id.

5) For task & withdrawal of money the KYC & Membership Verification of Registered Member ID is mandatory.

6) Change in Membership Details i.e. Member Verification/KYC Rejection Request charge will be Rs. 20/- only.

7) For KYC Registered Member ID should have a govt. issued Aadhar Number/Voter Id/PAN Card/Smart Card is required.

8) If a AadharNumber/Voter Id/PAN Card/Smart Card is placed in more than one ID or fake document Submitted, the ID will be will be blocked permanently.

9) The Members who member id is detected for any invalid activity their member id can be blocked by company any time.

10) If an ID is blocked by admin for suspected or fake/illegal activities then it will not be opened at any cost and the income made in his account will not be given to id owner.

11) You need to open only one ID in a device only, if you view task from more than one ID in a device, your ID will be blocked.

12) Members can send request for Unblock of Member Id a fine of Rs. 500/- will be paid by blocked member to Company Account directly. for first time invalid activity only. More than one time invalid activity found by the member id the id will be permanently blocked by company.

13) Withdrawal can be applied once in a day.

14) Minimum Weekly Withdrawal will be Rs. 250/-. Maximum Weekly Limit will be Rs. 2000/-. Monthly Maximum Limit will be Rs. 8000/-.

15) Money will be transferred to your Bank Account/Google Pay/Phone Pay/PayTM/Bkash of ID within 5 to 72 hours. If Payment not Transferred within 72 hours company will inform to all members reason for delay.

16) A member can withdrawal money after approval of KYC & Member Details.

17) If the document given in KYC is fake/wrong, the ID will be blocked.

18) Service Charges: Admin Charge = 15%.

19) Company have full rights to deduct members payment from their wallet for any kind of invalid activity found during task.

20) Company have full rights to deduct members payment for any kind of promotional offers for welfare of membership.

21) Company have sole authority to change company terms & conditions of plans which can be applicable any time as per its requirement to company.


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